Sponsor resources

On this page, you can find important information for our sponsors.

What we'll provide

  • An area where the sponsors can set up their booths (300x200mm for Diamond sponsors, 150x150mm for Gold sponsors)
  • Table (160x80mm for Diamond sponsors, 70x70mm for Gold sponsors)
  • Chairs (2 for Diamond sponsors, 1 for Gold sponsors) 
  • Power supply (with "Type F" plug)
  • Wi-fi shared

What to bring

  • Rollups, stickers, flyers or any other promotional materials
  • Laptops, screens or any other equipment that you want to use


Promotional Materials in welcome packs

To add your promotional materials in the welcome packs, please send them to us until 2 May to the following address:

PitechPlus, 3rd floor, Campul-Painii street, no 3-5, 400058, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Recipient: Daniel Popdan

Please send enough material for all of our attendees (150+).