What is a sprint?

A sprint is getting community members for a set amount of time and just writing code. That's it. Sprints are important to help Drupal's growth and to gather together community members to work together for the same purpose. There is a 3-day sprint scheduled for DrupalCamp Transylvania, starting in the morning of 4 May and ending on the afternoon of 6 May. 

Who should come?

You can attend sprints even if you are not a developer, we need project managers, QA testers, documentation writers, etc. If you are interested in contributing to the Drupal project your place is there. 

What if I'm new to sprinting, how can I join?

In case that you never joined a sprint before, don't worry. At DrupalCamp Transylvania, our sprint mentors will be there to help you, guide you through processes and tools the Drupal community uses to contribute to the project. Sprint mentors will also help you to pick issues based on your experience level. 

What to bring?

To contribute to sprints you will have to bring a laptop. It is also recommended to have the following: